Date: January 7, 2024

The Institute of Archaeology and Heritage Studies marked the triumphant conclusion of its “Underwater Archaeology for Beginners 2023” certificate course on January 7, 2024, and the event was celebrated with the distribution of certificates to the participants who completed the program.

This comprehensive course, designed for beginners, offered a well-rounded experience combining theoretical lectures and practical sessions. Participants delved into the intriguing field of underwater archaeology, exploring and studying submerged cultural heritage. The curriculum provided valuable insights into the methods, techniques, challenges, and economic significance associated with underwater archaeological research. The two-hour online lectures were a cornerstone of the program, ensuring participants received a solid foundation in the subject. The practical sessions, conducted over two days, on January 6th and 7th, 2024, took place at the Divers Land Dive Club in Unawatuna and the historic Galle Fort. These hands-on workshops allowed participants to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting, enhancing their understanding of underwater archaeological practices.

The success of the course is attributed not only to the enthusiasm of the participants but also to the expertise of the resource persons involved. The Institute extends its heartfelt gratitude to Mr Rasika Muthucumarana, Mr Amalka Wijesuriya, Mr W. Chandrarathna, and Mr Indika Hewage for their invaluable contributions who shared their knowledge passionately through engaging lectures and the interactive workshop, enriching the learning experience for all involved.

The “Underwater Archaeology for Beginners 2023” certificate course stands as a testament to the Institute’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering a deep appreciation for archaeology and cultural heritage. As the participants move forward with their newly acquired skills and insights, the Institute looks forward to their continued contributions to the field of underwater archaeology and heritage.